This page contains a number of useful resources.

Press Release Course

The notes from the Press Release Course held at the Bath Chronicle Offices can be obtained by clicking here. The notes are a few tips on how to write a press release in order to improve the chances of getting articles published in the media. These notes are not a definitive guide and will not guarantee that an article is printed, as this is decided by the editor.

Spice Up Your Training

Here are the slides from the RLSS Avon & North Wiltshire “Spice Up Your Training” course. The slides are packed full of ideas to help make your training sessions more exciting and engaging. A CD full of resources and games is also available for just £5. Contact David Fielding to order your copy.

Click here to download the slides and notes… Spice Up Your Training Presentation and Spice Up Your Training Notes.

Building Obstacles for Sport

To complement the Survive and Save Sport strand, you may wish to build some obstacles to allow candidates to practice swimming under them. This will also help those training for Speed Lifesaving. The following guide written by David Fielding guides you through how to build the obstacles using materials that are readily available from your hardware store – How to Build Obstacles.

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