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Lifesaving covers the prevention of accidents, personal survival and the rescuing of others. This is most commonly seen in swimming pools, leisure centres and at some beaches. However, accidents can happen anywhere, in rivers, canals, lakes and on unsupervised beaches.

Lifesaving is often associated with pool and/or beach lifeguards who are easily identifiable. But, anyone can be trained in lifesaving. There are over 150 volunteer lifeguard clubs that patrol open water areas in the UK and more than 3,000 clubs within the UK teach people to become lifeguards and lifesavers.

Lifesaving within the UK is governed by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS) UK. The RLSS UK is also the “leading provider of training and education in lifesaving, lifeguarding water safety and life support skills in the UK.”This website covers the West Region, one of the 13 Regions within the UK. The West Region is comprised of 3 Branches: Avon and North Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Somerset. More information about these Branch can be found form the menu bar above.

The RLSS UK is part of the RLSS Commonwealth and a member of the International Life Saving Federation.

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