Avon and North Wiltshire Branch Honours Online Nomination Form

    Please use the forms below to submit someone for consideration for an RLSS UK Honour. Please take the time to fill in as much information as possible, especially your name and contact details, so that we can contact you about the submission you have made.

    PLEASE keep all nominations SECRET in case your submission is declined - this will avoid those who are not nominated from getting upset.

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    If you are submitting a SERVICE honour nomination, please state in the box below the length of service in years of the nominee and the year in which the nominee started their service.

    If you are submitting a MERIT honour nomination, please state in the box below the award you are nominating the nominee for. Also please give some details about why you are nominating the person. Most MERIT honours require a citation to be completed. Please add as much detail as possible so that a suitable citation can be written.

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