Community Courses

The RLSS has a number of Community Programmes that have proved highly popular nationwide. If you or your group are interested in knowing more about the programmes below or what to arrange for us to come and visit, please look at the contact details at the bottom of this page.

Save a Baby's Life Course, University of Bath, Dec 2008

Save a Baby’s Life
This programme has been the most successful of the two community programmes on offer. The session covers in detail how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, on a baby casualty as well as how to treat a baby who is choking and cannot breath. The session also briefly covers how to treat a child. This session has been delivered multiple times within the West Region and the national Tesco/RLSS UK Baby Roadshow has come to the Region a few times as part of its national tour. The session is open to all, whether your expecting parents, are parents, grandparents or just interested in how to save a baby’s life.

Community Life Support
This programme follows similar lines as the Save a Baby’s Life course above, except this time the casualty is an adult. How to do CPR and how to treat a choking adult is covered in detail on this course. It is widely accepted that a trained bystander doing CPR while waiting for a paramedic to arrive, greatly increases the chance of survival of the casualty. The American Heart Association comments that for every minute that a casualty doesn’t receive CPR after they collapse, reduces the chance of survival between 7-10%. So this course is really important for everyone.

Interested? Want to know more or book a course?
If you or your Club/Group/Organisation are interested in any of the Community Programmes mentioned above, please get in touch. Use the Contact Us form to contact the appropriate Branch Secretary who will put you in touch with the most appropriate person for your enquiry. If you’re unsure which Branch to contact, contact Ellen Moore using the contact form.